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Multi-split Psychrometric Calorimeter

This calorimeter is designed to determine the performance of air conditioners through air enthalpy method, including the rated cooling capacity, rated heating capacity, low temperature heating capacity (transient), airflow rate, power consumption, APF, etc.. Given that the calorimeter consists of several indoor and outdoor rooms, it is capable of conducting multiple split air conditioner tests independently or two air conditioner tests simultaneously. It plays an important role in product R&D and quality control.

This calorimeter conforms to ISO, GB, JIS and ARI standards. The Separate Temperature Measuring and Controlling technique is applied in this calorimeter to improve the measurement accuracy. Meanwhile, many advanced energy-saving techniques and patents are applied to reduce the running cost.

Both automatic and manual operating modes are available for all tests.

We provide the industry-leading accuracy:

Qualification heat balance: within 2%

Repeatability: within ±1%.

Shanghai Satake CWT