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Balanced Ambient Room-Type Calorimeter

Balanced ambient room-type calorimeter provides a method for determining capacity simultaneously on both the indoor-side and the outdoor side. Test status of air conditioner is much closer to its actual status in this calorimeter, so that test results are more precisely and with less human errors. In the cooling mode, the indoor-side capacity determination is made by balancing the cooling and dehumidifying effects with measured heat and water inputs. The outdoor-side capacity provides a confirming test of the cooling and dehumidifying effect by balancing the heat and water rejection on the condenser side with a measured amount of cooling. This calorimeter can act as a reference calorimeter for air conditioner. It plays an important role in product R&D and quality control.

This calorimeter can meet ISO, GB, JIS, ARI and etc. Many advanced energy-saving techniques are applied to reduce the running cost.

Both automatic and manual operating modes are available for all tests.

We provide the industry-leading accuracy:

Heat balance: within 2%;

Shanghai Satake CWT