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Heat Pump Water Heater Calorimeter

This calorimeter is designed to determine the performance of heat pump water heaters, including one-time-heating water heaters, cyclic-heating water heaters and static-heating water heaters. Air-source or water-source heat pump water heaters can also be tested in this calorimeter. It conforms to the GB and EN standards and plays an important role in product R&D and quality control. All related parameters of the air side and medium side can be precisely measured and controlled, which is conductive to the analysis of test results.

The Separate Temperature Measuring and Controlling technique is applied in this calorimeter to improve the measurement accuracy. With an advanced energy-saving and patented technique, it is capable of reducing running cost of the calorimeter.

Both automatic and manual operating modes are available for all tests.

We provide the industry-leading accuracy:

Qualification heat balance: within 2%

Repeatability: within ±1%.

Shanghai Satake CWT