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Real Vehicle Simulation A/C Compressor Endurance Test Bench

This test bench is designed for the rough capacity tests and endurance tests for compressors of A/C system with real vehicle pipes. The compressors, condensers, evaporators and pipes are installed as same as the real status in the vehicle, the control of the condenser load, evaporator load, compressor rotating speed and other parameters could be programmable. It allows to simulate the working condition of compressors under all kinds of harsh environment. Clients can customize testing programs in the software. Meanwhile, it’s able to conform to standards of many automotive enterprises and automotive A/C enterprises.

In addition, the test functions for A/C system of electric vehicle or that with new refrigerant (HFO-1234yf or CO2) can be supplied in this calorimeter.

Both automatic and manual operating modes are available for all tests.

Shanghai Satake CWT