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Challenge themselves melting team glory - November 2015

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Challenge themselves melting team glory - November 2015

Satake family

     We gathered here came from all directions, we are breathing the air here, and the joint efforts of common progress of each to the confidence, for the same dream we struggle together to encourage each other! Satake family cheers, laughter, tolerance, humility, kindness, youth, and also because the picture you!

                                                         Development activities sentiment


      The two-day experiential development activities "in everyone's cheering successfully completed, returned home and took a shower and even do not want to eat dinner and wanted to sleep. However, still can not help but want to write.

     In the process of the whole event, I think that every participant has a lot of insights and harvest, and I am no exception. Close their eyes back to the thought for a moment, each activity is still vivid in my mind.

     I can make out the whole body of the courage and strength to climb the "ladder" of the highest level of confidence in the main from the full support of the "comrades" Zhang Peng and subject him to encourage the spirit of courage, as well as from below companions cheering deep deep inspires me, my heart only up faith, I see no way back. Back to the ground, my heart instantly feel the joy of success, for everyone's deep gratitude, a long time, you (especially my partner) to a successful challenge to the self-opportunity, you let me full of confidence and vigor, and sincerely hope we never get your support and encouragement, and hope that I can later work, study and life again and again to enjoy the joy of success because of you, I want to have one always can feel to the support and encouragement of so many "lucky heart, this will be the greatest happiness of my life.

     "Gone in 60 Seconds" experience activities, exposed during our many shortcomings, but at the last minute, we still managed to get a success, this is the outcome of the collective wisdom and concerted efforts, we also become the training of teachers said amounted one of the few successful team.

     Final graduation wall to the outstanding achievements of 15 minutes and 53 seconds to complete a successful climb of all the staff, which is not only far beyond the 40-minute goal by itself the target of one hour, and training teachers, and also create a since the teacher led a considerable number of the best scores. The whole process is fully demonstrate the dedication of a caring, loving the return pass and love, precisely because we heart tightly together., So all difficulties seemed so trivial, must belong to our success. The achievement is worth celebrating, but today's "graduation certificate" should not be the end, but should be a good start tomorrow to make progress.

     The outreach activities, has also exposed some of our problems in communication, coordination, organization, decision-making and implementation, as well as the mentality, but through our own efforts and training of the teacher's instructions, we eventually made considerable progress and achievements . This makes me even more convinced that we are full of wisdom, and unlimited potential, the courage to continue to challenge themselves team, we dare to face their own shortcomings and working to correct all of our people are increasingly willing truth into our building team spirit because we have personal experience to the strength of the team is so powerful, is also convinced that as long as we work together to strengthen the confidence to build our team, we will be able to create a vibrant, excellent team to continue to create miracles.

     Most people a lifetime longest time stage work colleague to get along in our life is the longest exchanges friends, there is no lack of much better with the joys, "buddy" through thick and thin, and there are many to become lifelong intimate friends. I think our teammates to participate in the event, will in the future work to practical actions and exchanges, so that did not participate colleagues as soon as possible to share some of my colleagues were unable to attend the event because of work and family special reasons, we harvest, so that everyone can feel the Satake family full of love the atmosphere, the team's strength and vigor.

     I believe that as long as we are united and strong, with one mind, we will be able to usher in a glorious future!

                                                                Expand there Wu


    Satake flag, banner waving write victory. Moved at the same time every face showing a knowing smile, never abandon, never give up, forever. We are brothers and sisters, to encourage each other.

     We move forward to have the power, because I have you. What tough to ourselves what the financial crisis, to love each other mutual trust to create a new world. Unity of one mind, to pull together.

    Satake flag along the active force, victory belongs to we are not afraid of the wind and rain, we have the courage to overcome all that unhappy victory raised their hands! "I borrowed" Beijing welcomes you "song the detachment of songs written Satake team.

     Came the morning of September 19, with a curious mind expanding base, which is also my first time to participate in development activities. First Group was set up, the choice of captain, team secretary, team brother to determine the team call, pennants and team songs, all of this makes me spontaneously generate the feeling of a collective team cohesion. Deepen mutual understanding, to shorten mutual distance from that moment I believe everyone had only one thought, "Not One Less, not to abandon do not give up.

     This expansion activities, each project is a team project, not a person's intelligence, physical strength and ability will be able to complete the well. Its biggest feature is to bring a person's success is not representative of the success of the entire team, only each player in each team solidarity, help and trust in order to complete the team's goals. Team members are most concerned about how to organize and co-ordination, rather than prepare themselves, the players on the team has been far more than concern yourself! The spirit of teamwork is its head.

     Expand training ladder I experience one of the most profound, we are to overcome the demons of his heart, and more from the heart of the great fear to fearless, I have a deeper understanding of mutual help, not that we support each other and help each other, we will not succeed. If it is mutual trust and dedication, we will not climb on the ladder of victory. It also made me understand many things in life is not impossible, but to retreat, afraid to face. Successful in fact, in front of everyone, it is a step away, brave up a climb, you will succeed, but a lot of people did not dare to scale upward step missed and success in life, so, too!

     In fact, some of the team project, such as "rapid 60 seconds, the results of the graduation wall, not the test by not through, but everyone teamwork in the project. Clearly felt the coach in some collective project has been in the exercise our team spirit, regardless how good a person in the squad, only to take into account their own little part, and do not realize we are a big collective! any squad can not be separated from the large collective, all to the interests of collective training through this team project, as one of the members of the Administration Department, I clearly recognize that often need attention in future work and everyone communicate together to complete the project, to abandon the style of work of the kind of personal heroism in training, we achieve good results, thanks to the team members have a strong sense of collective honor. "No matter what our goal is, the power of one person is always limited, in order to better play a personal level, a more comprehensive development space, collective communication, and help is indispensable. Everything to promote our personal integrate into the team culture we have formed a sense of belonging and team spirit; between the test team leadership ability and the players to communicate with each other, with the ability.

     Outreach activities ended in less than two days, is what forces us to overcome the difficulties seemingly can not be completed? I think that is the strength of the team is united in this all-conquering power of it! If a collective enterprise moment can maintain this atmosphere, then they will be invincible, it outbreak forces would be amazing.

     I love my team, I love my teammates, I love I will dedicate the enterprise! Let us work together! Cheers of victory for us tomorrow! But can not truly the spirit of expanding the use of work to go, can use to get inspiration to life, but also requires a longer tempering process!