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The third Automotive climatic Wind Tunnel Technology Forum was successfully held in 2017

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On 25th October, 2017, after successfully holding two sessions of the Automotive Climatic Wind Tunnel Technology Forum, Shanghai Institute of Automotive Engineering and Shanghai Institute of Automotive Engineering Air Conditioning Professional Committee jointed with Shanghai Satake for the third time, held the "2017 The third Automotive climatic Wind Tunnel Technology Forum" at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting.

China's automotive technology is changing with each passing day, especially the rising of new energy vehicles, is strongly driving a new round of changes and development of the automotive market! And in the whole process of new vehicle development, the automotive climatic wind tunnel has become an important technical method for automotive enterprises to enhance their independent innovation ability. It enables the R&D personnel to highly reproduce the natural conditions in the laboratory, and simulation of environmental temperature, humidity, sunshine, wind speed, vehicle speed, rainfall, snow and even air pressure. It provides a very advanced technical methods for new vehicle development.

The forum brought together major domestic vehicle manufacturers such as SAIC, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Great Wall Motors, Changan Ford Automobile, Geely and other well-known automotive air-conditioning manufacturers such as SDAAC, Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, Sanden, SONGZ, Suzhou Zhongcheng, Nanjing Xiezhong Auto-Airconditioner, etc. At the same time, the two major automobile testing institutions, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center Co., Ltd. and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd, are invited to participate in the forum. A total of 40 technical experts will participate in the forum.

In the forum, Mr. Arthur Ho, president of ReACT Company, an internationally renowned wind tunnel design expert, gave a detailed introduction of “Wind Tunnel Maintenance”. Mr. Wang Yong, Director of CAERI, Mr. Lu Xinlin from Tianjin Sanden, Professor Chen Jiangping from Shanghai Jiaotong University all made wonderful speeches on the design of the variable test section of the environmental wind tunnel for the light and heavy vehicles, the wind tunnel construction, and the development of the electric vehicle heat pump, and interacted with the participants.

Mr. Zhou Jian from SAIC Technology Center introduced the wind tunnel, environmental cabin and road performance development benchmark analysis, followed by Mr. Zhang Peng, Climatic Simulation Business Department manager of Shanghai Satake introduced China's technological development trends; After Visiting SAIC CWT, which made the participants more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the automotive climatic wind tunnel.

Through the forum, enterprises can have a better understanding of climatic wind tunnel, and meanwhile, they can also realize the importance of climatic wind tunnel to enhance capabilities of their independent research and development.