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Climatic Wind tunnel video has landed on Youku

Source:Release date:2018/3/31 14:27:15Author:

Shanghai Satake’s masterpiece milestone -SAIC Wind Tunnel has been successfully completed. Wind tunnel is the crown of automotive R&D equipment, our company is also one of the few companies in the world capable of designing and building wind tunnel.

With the completion of the SAIC thermal wind tunnel, the engineers will be able to sit in a constant temperature and humidity control room and simulate whatever environmental and climatic conditions they want. It is expected that the climatic wind tunnel will effectively reduce the dependence on road test effectively, and break through the season and geographical constraints, not only to shorten the product development cycle, but also to save resources. Comparing with the road test around the world, the future cost savings for customers will be several times the calculation.

Climatic Wind Tunnel promotional video, has landed on Youku, please enjoy!