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Shanghai SONGZ Climatic Wind Tunnel was officially completed by Shanghai Satake!

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On 8.June, 2018, the completion ceremony of the SONGZ Climatic Wind Tunnel was held at the SONGZ factory. SONGZ wind tunnel is Shanghai Satake's the third climatic wind tunnel, following the completion of the main engine factory-SAIC wind tunnel in 2016 and the first domestic auto parts industry-Tianjin Sanden wind tunnel in 2017. Shanghai Satake has become an important partner of technology R&D and innovation for the main engine factory and auto parts manufacturers.

SONGZ Climatic Wind Tunnel provides simulation environment of temperature

-30~+60°C, humidity 5~95%RH, sunshine intensity 450~1150 W/M, maximum wind speed 160 km/h. The thermal management system of two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles are capable to be tested under various typical road simulation conditions. For the first time in China, this CWT integrates the defrosting automatic surveying system, which can measure and calculate the defrosting area in real-time based on high-definition photography and image processing technology. It is also the first climatic wind tunnel in China to integrate 60KW DC fast charging piles, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of new energy vehicle battery thermal management system.

Shanghai Satake has been adhering to improve the level of customer R&D as our company mission, and continue to research and innovation in technology, our company has become the leader in industry.

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