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Bus Air Conditioner Calorimeter

This calorimeter is designed to determine the performance of roof-top bus air conditioner through air enthalpy method, including cooling capacity, air-flow rate, compressor power consumption and heat-exchanger air resistance curve, assisting in the performance test and R&D of bus air conditioner.

It consists of two chambers vertically arranged. The upper chamber is for outdoor environment simulation while the lower one is for bus’s inside simulation. A code tester is installed in the lower chamber to determine the capacity and airflow rate of the air conditioner. The advantage of this layout is that the testing status is very close to the real condition, with simple installation and most accurate results. Both automatic and manual operating modes are available.

Patented heat recovery technique is applied in this calorimeter to reduce the running cost.

We provide the industry-leading accuracy:

Repeatability: within ±1%.

Shanghai Satake CWT