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Automotive Front-end Module Calorimeter

This calorimeter is designed to determine the capacity of the front-end modules including radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers, condensers and fans. It plays an important role in product R&D and quality control. All the related parameters of air side and medium side can be controlled and measured precisely, assisting in the analysis of test results.

The patented technique - the OCR (Oil Circulation Rate) system is applied to measure and control the OCR automatically during the capacity tests of components, which helps to research the influence of the OCR to the performance of system and components.

Many advanced energy-saving techniques and patents are applied to reduce the running cost, such as Variable Capacity Refrigeration System, Circuit Switchable AHU (open or closed), Energy-saving PHE, Closed-loop Charge Air Supply System, and etc..

More patented techniques are utilized to improve the accuracy of measurement and control, such as Indirect Cooling System, Separate Temperature Measuring and Controlling, Efficient Heating of Refrigerant Gas, and etc..

The calorimeter is modularized with several independent function units, which can be combined flexibly and automatically for different types of tests.

Both automatic and manual operating modes are available for all tests.

We provide the industry-leading accuracy:

Heat balance: within 2%;

Repeatability: within ±1%.

Shanghai Satake CWT